Get your business in Google's directory

Ever curious as to how to get your business information to appear on the right side of the screen when it is Googled? It's really not as hard as you might think and it makes a huge impact on your findability. When potential customers are searching for you by name online, you need to make it easy for them to find you!

Did you know? In the summer of 2014, about 2 years ago now, Google push reset on their business directory!

They used to scan the web and categorize all businesses they could find. More than likely, your business was in this list. This meant that if someone searched for your business, you would be found easily and there would be a nice enriched experience around your business information. However, it was too hard to manage so Google started from scratch. They dumped all the business listings and told everyone to re-register themselves. This would ensure that only legitimate businesses would be listed and that each business would be accountable for their own information. Now, if you were not aware of this, chances are that your business has been out of the directory since then.

The best way to get back into Google's business directory is to register with Google My Business. This is a free service that Google offers to anyone that owns a business, anywhere in the world. Because Google has no idea who you are or where your business is, you need to tell them so they can include you in their business directory. Once you sign up with Google My Business you will notice that your business will start showing up across all Google platforms. This makes it easier for your target market to find your business online.

The before and after

Here's what happens when someone searches for a business on Google today without a Google My Business profile setup:

Example of business without Google My Business

As you can see, even though this company is showing up on the first page of Google they are not first on the list and there is no business information showcased on the right. This means that they are not visible when someone is Googling their company name.

Here's what will happen once your Google My Business profile is setup, example of U7 SOLUTIONS:


When searching for “u7 solutions”, you can now see that U7 SOLUTIONS is at the very top of the list on Google as well as having its business information showcased on the right side of the results. You can also see how all the contact information such as address, phone number, as well as a link to its website and hours of operation along with pictures and customer reviews.

Interested in getting your business set up with Google My Business but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it? We can help:

If you run your business out of your home and do not wish to publicly display your address, that is not a problem. Google has taken this into consideration so that when you are filling out your profile you have the option to say, “hide my address.” This way the public doesn’t know exactly where you live but you can still identify the regions you serve and benefit from having a Google My Business profile.


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