Help us build great websites

Every day, our products help small business owners invest more and more of their valuable hours working on their business instead of wasting time on technology. At U7 Solutions, we build simple and powerful websites where common needs are standardized, and custom needs are layered in.

We are looking for talented and creative people to join our small but growing team. We are based in Ottawa, Canada but we don't let geography get in our way. If this excites you, please apply.

Sales associate

We are in growth mode and looking to expand in areas across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We offer commission-based pay and have a product offering tremendous value at an affordable price. Any serious business owner will want to consider building their new website with or converting their existing website to U7 SOLUTIONS. Part-time or full-time, if you are experienced in sales and have a passion for web technology, we'd love to meet you.


Digital marketing specialist

We're looking for digital marketers who are open to working remotely on a part-time, task-based basis. Business owners know that they need more than a brochure website, that their website is a sales and marketing tool and are embracing online marketing startegies more and more. If you have experience in content marketing, email marketing, social media, analytics, paid advertising, search engine optimization, and defining strategic sales funnels and messaging for websites, please apply!


Web developer

If you are skilled and experienced with Drupal or WordPress and have strong communication skills, this could be for you! We design, build, and maintain websites for small businesses in all types of industries. We aim to apply a standardized set of best practices across all our client sites, take security very seriously, make extensive use of contributed modules/plugins, and build sites that need advanced features, customization, and custom content structures. If this description resonates with you and you're open to working remotely on a part-time, task-based basis, then we'd love to meet you.



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