Our philosophy and approach to web technology solutions

Here are s the process we go through with you to set your new website up:

1. Understand your needs

We always start here. The better we can understand your business needs, the better advice and solution we can deliver. Our team has business expertise that means we can relate to what you're trying to do and advise on the right technology for your project goals.

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2. Identity opportunities for re-use

We don't re-invent wheel. We break down each of your project needs into one of two categories: common or unique. We have pre-built solutions to common website challenges that save you money, time, and provide a best practices approach for you.

3. Customize the solution to your needs

We address your unique needs by designing custom content structures, listings, reports, or even functionality that may be required to fit your business processes. Many of our clients manage large portions of their business through our websites.

4. We handle the technology

We set up your U7 website with the chosen product packages, selected add-ons, and any unique customizations. The beauty of our architecture is that we can add in functionality at any point allowing you to have a website to adapts to your needs as your business evolves. We maintain the administrative access and hide the hard and complex technical areas from you so that you feel comfortable and confident.

5. You handle the content

Your content and images are your business. Once your site is created, we will spend time with you on content publishing training. We empower you to change all the words and images on your site with ease and simplicity. We believe that you should be in the driver's seat of your website and we work hard to make that experience easy and to make sure you are well trained.

6. Continuous support

U7 provides continuous support by hosting and maintaining your website and by providing you with the ongoing support you need to maintain your website and it's content. If your needs evolve, we can help you by adding in more premium features or building in additional customizations.

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7. Evolve together

We're always improving. When we do, we give back to you by upgrading your website as we go. Technology is always evolving, we keep up with the trends and make sure you don't get left behind each time technology landscape changes.