Run your business more smoothly

We can tailor your website to your needs.

You need efficiency and effectiveness to maximize profits. Our expertise in content management and business work flows can save you time and eliminiate headaches keeping you focused on what you do best!

One of our key specialities is that we can build customized and secure online business portals to help companies manage client accounts, projects, activities, documents, estimates and invoices, and more. If your organization is struggling with content management challenges, we'd love to talk!

Examples of customizations we've built:

  • Helicopter content type with dynamic PDF downloads.
  • Retirement home content type with a faceted search interface.
  • Press release content type with member's only access.

If you're business has unique content, then ask us about how we can build a custom content type and custom displays to help you publish and manage that special content.

Here's what we can do for you!

Custom Functionality

For unique requirements, we build custom functionality tailored to your business needs on a quoted basis.

Custom Content Types

If your business has unique data elements, your website may need one or more content types designed specifically for your business processes. We are experts in this area. A custom content type includes the following:
> Content type settings and field definitions
> Workflow and data entry form
> Display page template
> Administrative management report
> Ability to feature posts on home page and mashups
> Activate user comments

Custom Layout Pages

Tailor any of our standard layouts to accomodate your needs or have a custom layout built for your website.

Custom Listings or Reports

Produce dynamic listings of posts of any content type, standard and/or custom, into many formats such as bullet lists, teaser lists, full post lists, slide shows, thumbnail lists, multi-column grids, and more.

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