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Make your website do even more!

U7 Audio

Post audio files and form a playlist or a podcast on your site!

  • Easily upload or embed audio files.
  • Link to a playlist.
  • Organize audio files by categories you define.
  • Each audio will have its own dedicate page with an audio player.
  • Allow your site visitors to comment on posted audios directly on your site.
  • Feature audios in home page sections.
  • Publish audios to the site wide RSS feed.
U7 Bilingualism

Publish your website in English and French!

  • Translate pages, blocks, menu items, and tags.
  • Provide a fully bilingual interface to your site visitors.
  • Toggle the language on a page-by-page basis.
  • Access a detailed translation overview report.

Monthly fee: $25

U7 Books

Create and publish user manuals and/or documentation for customers or staff.

  • Create unlimited books and book pages.
  • Automatic and dynamic book navigation included.
  • Rename book page titles and ordering in bulk.
  • Control access to book pages by user role.
  • Optionally allow comments on book pages.
U7 Chat Board

A chat board page where site members can post messages and interact with each other.

U7 Election Tools

Run secure online elections!

  • Multiple voting systems and decision-making tools.
  • Voting systems include basic polls, approval voting, borda count, and instant-runoff voting.
  • View each user's vote, delete all votes, or restrict the poll to a list of users.
  • Schedule when to open or close the poll, and choose when to show results.
  • Allow write-in choices.
  • Compile elections into a collection of elections in one page.
  • Feature elections on the home page.
  • Display an election block on the sidebar.
  • Run unlimited elections.

Monthly fee: $5

U7 Event Signup with PayPal Payments

Allow or enforce site visitors and users to Pay to sign up to events.

  • Automatic integration with PayPal.
  • Set one or many pricing options.

Dependency: U7 Event Signups

U7 Event Signups

Allow site visitors and users to signup to events.

  • Track name and telephone number for each signup.
  • Specify a maximum number of signups allowed per event.
  • Access the list of signups attached to each event.
  • Send a broadcast email message to signups.
  • Add, edit, or remove any signup.
  • Manage waiting lists.
  • Track attendance for record keeping.

Dependancy: U7 Events with a Calendar

U7 Facebook Integration

Integrate Facebook into your website!

  • Let your users login with their Facebook account.
  • Publish content from your site to a user's Facebook stream (wall).
  • Add Facebook social plugins:
    • Like Button
    • Share Button
    • Embedded Posts
    • Comments
    • Send Button
    • Follow Button
    • Activity Feed
    • Recommendations Feed
    • Recommendations Bar
    • Like Box
    • Facepile

Monthly fee: $5

U7 Forums

Allow your community members to discuss topics with one another!

  • Create threaded discussion boards
  • All discussions are archived for future reference.
  • Organize forums into sub-sets and/or containers.
  • Mark all topics in a single forum or all forums as read.
  • Forum statistics including number of topics, posts, users, latest user, and currently online users.
  • Shows number of new posts in addition to number of new topics.
  • Displays title of most recent topic in forum linked to the newest comment in that topic.
  • Removes link to post new topic here and forces users to be in the forum they are posting to to avoid confusion.
  • Icon for each forum that changes with new posts and includes legend.
  • Option to hide created column for more compact listings.
  • Includes a pager along with the title on each multipage topic.
  • Shows last update as "time ago" for recent posts and switches to date posted for older ones. Cutoff is configurable.
  • Shows number of views.
  • Legend explaining icons for "hot", etc.
  • Shows the total number of posts on top of topic along with links to the next unread and last post.
  • Includes a post reply link (button) on the top (and bottom if form on separate page) of the topic.

Monthly fee: $5

Requires: U7 User Membership

U7 Lead Capture Pages

Set up your own online marketing funnel with our lead capture page generator.

  • Create unlimited lead capture pages.
  • Each lead capture page contains:
    • Headline title
    • Message text and/or video
    • Opt-in header title
    • Internal or external lead capture form with call-to-action
    • Background image
    • Customizable URL path
  • Website header, footer, sidebars and theme elements are automatically removed on these pages.
U7 Mailing Lists

Collect e-mail addresses in mailing lists.

  • Create unlimited mailing lists.
  • Display sign-up blocks in header, sidebar, footer, above or below content.
  • Manage mailing lists.
U7 Newsletters

Send out broadcast e-mails directly from your website!

  • Expose a sign up form as a block anywhere on your site.
  • Beautiful layout and template.
  • Customize your header and footer with your logo, tagline, and colors.
  • Include content from your website as teasers with a couple of clicks.
  • Create and manage unlimited e-mail lists with unlimited subscribers.
  • Use the mass subscribe feature to add multiple e-mail addresses at once.
  • Offer your users a single OR double opt-in/out model.
  • Receive an email notification each time someone signs up to a list.
  • Send an automated welcome email to each new signup.
    • Include a file attachment if you are offering an e-book or other information as an incentive for signup.
  • E-mail recipients can ethically unsubscribe themselves.
  • Set a from name and e-mail address of your choosing.
  • Send test newsletter e-mails to any e-mail address before officially sending out.
  • SMTP routing service* set up for you to improve sending efficiency.
  • View detailed statistics such as:
    • Number of sent mails
    • Number of unique opens
    • Number of unique users who clicked through
    • Opens (see exactly who opened the e-mails)
    • Clicks (see exactly who clicked on what)
  • Choose to expose previously sent issues as web pages.
  • Save newsletter issues as drafts until you are ready to send them out.
  • Messages are sent out in chunks of 50 per minute immediately after pressing send.

Monthly fee: $15

* An SMTP routing service account with Mandrill will be setup for you. This account if free for up to 12,000 e-mails per month.

U7 Paid Memberships

Charge users for access to member-only content!

  • Define a monthly price for members.
  • Flag any page as member-only content.
  • Automatically deny access for unpaid members.

Dependency: This add-on requires the U7 User Membership add-on.

Monthly fee: $5

U7 Print to PDF

Print your pages to PDF documents!

  • Adds a PDF print link to each page on your website.

Monthly fee: $5

NOTE: We can also customize PDF layouts of specific content types to suit your needs! Contact us for more details.

U7 Rotating Banners

Add rotating banners to any page!

  • Comes with one rotating banner.
  • Create unlimited rotating banner items.
  • Fits both full width and medium width pages.
  • Choose which pages to display rotating banners on.
  • Re-use rotating banner items on multiple rotating banners.
  • Additional custom banners can be added for $50 each.
U7 RSS Feed with Feedburner

Allow your visitors to subscribe by e-mail to your content.

  • Sends a daily digest of new content to subscribers.
  • Google Feedburner account configured for you, you'll have full access.
  • Choose which pages to promote to the feed.
  • Display number of subscribers block, updated dailly.
  • Automatically redirect RSS links to the Feedburner feed.
U7 Sales Pages

Set up your own online marketing funnel with our sales page generator.

  • Create unlimited sales pages.
  • Each sales page contains:
    • Headline
    • Header graphic
    • Message text and/or video
    • Benefits intro text and bullets
    • Call-to-action button
    • Closing text
    • Customizable URL path
  • Website header, footer, sidebars and theme elements are automatically removed on these pages.
U7 Shopping Cart

Sell products online!

  • A fully functional e-commerce shopping cart system.
  • Configure a product catalog and a display product categories as a block.
  • Flexible product creation system with product classes.
  • Multiple product image support out of the box.
  • Flexible product attributes system.
  • Basic product stock level tracking and notification.
  • Automatic account generation (anonymous checkout).
  • Customer and administrator checkout notifications.
  • Simple order processing, creation, and editing.
  • Integrated payment system that acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (credit card, purchase order, and more) and payment gateways (CyberSource, Authorize.net, PayPal, and more).
  • Sales, product, and customer reports.

Monthly fee: $25

U7 Splash Page

Pop up a spash window on your site's home page for new visitors!

  • Set the splash page to be displayed every week, day, once or always.
  • Choose to display the splash page in a new window, by using ThickBox or by redirecting to the page.
  • Set the size of the window.
  • Let the module choose from a list of splash pages, either in random or sequence mode.
  • Enter a filtered text to be displayed as splash page, either in the site template or full screen.
  • Force display or skip splash page by calling the frontpage with ?splash=on/off.
U7 Training Modules

Post re-ocurring courses, workshops, seminars, and more!

  • Create unlimited training modules.
  • Create and associate unlimited events to each training module.
  • Upcoming associated events are dynamically listed on each training module page.
  • View training module events in your site calendar.
  • Create direct links to any training module.
  • Feature training modules in home page sections.
  • Publish training modules to the site wide RSS feed.


  • U7 Events with Calendar

Optional suggestions:

  • U7 Event Signups
  • U7 Event Signup with PayPal payments
U7 Twitter Integration

Allow your users to sign in to your website with their Twitter account!

  • Users can associate a website account to their Twitter account, and vice-versa.
  • Allows one-click login with "Sign in with Twitter" button.
U7 Twitter Posting

Send a tweet to Twitter-land while you create or edit your website's pages!

  • Each page will have a Twitter field where you can compose a unique tweet.
  • Comes with a defaulted pattern that you can overried.
  • Automatically creates backlinks to the actual page.
  • Single checkbox to use or not use it.
  • Posts to Twitter upon save.
U7 User Membership

Membership software for your website!

  • Visitors can create user accounts and become members of your site.
  • Members can login and manage their account profile.
  • You can e-mail all members directly from your website.
  • Add profile fields that members can fill in, optionally make fields mandatory.
  • Access all member information.
  • Flag pages as member-only accessible.

Monthly fee: $5


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