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CAD monthly

+ 3rd party fee

Monthly U7 website performance dashboard
We put everything you want to know about your site in one page: website traffic stats and monthly comparisons, active tasks and more.
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Quarterly U7 website assessment
A 30 point website assessment to evaluation the health of your site by our digital specialists who will review your site and provide suggestions on how to improve your site to increase traffic and attract new customers.
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Unlimited technical support
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. All tasks checked for QA and detailed notes provided for each task.
72 hours 48 hours
On-demand content and e-mail tasks
No need to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) when we can take care of website content updates for you! Don’t have the time to add or style your content? Having trouble making an image look great on your blog? Need help with e-mail configuration? No problem, we can work our magic quickly, and at a discounted rate available to monthly plan members. [ task examples ]
$1.67/min $1/min
Spam protection
Setup captcha on web forms to prevent spam and bots from e-mailing you.
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Analytics & optimization tools
Google Analytics to track your website traffic and usage statistics.
Google Search Console to ensure Google is crawling your website and updated daily.
Addthis analytics to track social media sharing of your content.
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Note: Hosting, security management, website maintenance, updates, backups provided by 3rd party. Sign up Sign up

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