Digital marketing partnership

Is your agency tired of the tech?


Imagine if you could focus all your energy and time on your digital marketing efforts.

When the tech is not your speciality, it can be a pain and it can be difficult to get things done on time and on budget. Plus, you might find yourself forced to assign your design resources to web development tasks.

It's all white label

Partner with us and earn a 25% margin on all your web development and technology needs without having to do any of the work yourself or with your own resources. When your client needs help, they still reach out to you. Your team will filter the support request and use our portal to engage our support team. When we get the request from you, we resolve the situation and inform you. You then inform your client of the resolution. You remain the middleman and your client does not know U7 is providing the service.

Our partnership is strictly between us. Your brand is maintained as well as your relationship with the client. All our communications go through you.

What's included

Web development services
Includes CMS installation, configuration, content publishing, coding, and theming.

Website management services
We do all the monthly maintenance work and technical support.

Business solution services
E-mail solutions and document management setups.

U7 client portal
Where you can log your client requests for support and track our progress on all your tech activities.

25% discounted rate

All our services from website creation, website improvements, digital marketing, and our website management plans are offered to you with a 25% discount.

That's a guaranteed profit margin for you for no hassles, sweat, or stress.

If your agency excels at marketing and is fed up or bored with the tech, then let us take it off your hands while you do what you do best!

How it works

1. Submit your quote request.
2. Review & approve the quote.
3. We do the work and invoice you.
4. Invoice your client and keep 25%.

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