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Email Marketing

Think email is dead? Think again.

Do you want to level up your email marketing and communication strategies? People continue to use email to communicate, stay in touch with the brands they care about, and make purchases. It is old, but it definitely ain't outdated.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a tool that allows businesses and organizations to keep customers informed and interested in their services, products, or mission. Every time a company sends an email that has an immediate or long-term objective of selling, promoting, informing, building rapport, and maintaining relationships, this can be considered email marketing. Email marketing typically excludes emails that focus on customer service, billing, and client management.

Compared to other types of marketing, email marketing is considered to be a very inexpensive way to advertise and promote. In addition to the cost efficiency, you tend to build quality leads that are warmer and closer to buying then followers on social media or users you're advertising to. Also, did you know that people are more likely to see your emails than posts on social media?  Social media users might miss your post by not logging on, or because the algorithms are now pickier than ever! An email on the other hand, sits in an inbox until it is read or deleted.

A study of more than 1 billion shopping sessions in 2019 found that email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.3%, compared to 1% for social media. (Smart Insights. "E-Commerce Conversion Rates – How Do Yours Compare?" Accessed June 29, 2020.)


What email marketing services do you offer?

Email marketing plans

Whether you want a report to review with your team each month, or more personalized reviews and support – we’ve got you covered!

We require first and last month's payment up front. Cancel anytime after a 6 month period. Upon cancellation we will hand over control of all yours assets such as email system, content management system, database, or files.

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Alright, how does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

1What if I already have an email system?
We can evaluate whether that is the best system for you to use based on your current and future goals. Various email systems and plans have different capabilities that may be too little or too much for what you truly need.
2Can I change my email system?
Yes absolutely. We can help with email system migrations and getting you set up with the one that is best for you.
3Do you write and send emails in the monthly plan?
We sure do! We may need some help though. We usually recommend having touch points with someone on your team that is the ''content expert'' and can provide topics to cover and perhaps review the final versions before they send.
4Do you provide analytics and reporting?
Yes. The monthly plan includes analytics and reporting on a monthly basis. Note that we also offer larger reports that can include SEO, web analytics, advertisement and more. See this page.

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