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Investments & pricing

We understand that hiring an agency to take on your digital marketing or build you a website or custom portal is a serious investment. That’s why we aim to be 100% transparent with our pricing, and provide high value at competitive, affordable rates for our clients.

This breakdown will help you understand the pricing models for our services as well as website maintenance plans.

Service rates

Our pricing models are based on an hourly rate, designed to suit a variety of scenarios (details below). We also offer a worry-free website maintenance plan.


  • Rate: $150/hour
  • Nonprofit/partner rate: $120/hour

This rate is used for projects like websites, graphic design, or custom portal builds, where the work can be clearly scoped and the hours estimated. The scope, deliverables, timeline, and payment plan are discussed and agreed on before any work begins.

Benefits of quoted:

  • Agreed upon costs with no surprises
  • Flexible payments in a set number of installments
  • Detailed quote and project plan that you have reviewed, discussed with us, and approved


  • Rate: $130/hour
  • Nonprofit/partner rate: $104/hour

The actuals rate applies when we agree to invoice for actual hours spent, at the end of a deliverable or month. This means variable costs for you, but is a good option if your requests are unpredictable or hard to quote for.

Benefits of actuals:

  • Pay only for the actual time spent
  • Flexible arrangement that allows us to pivot easily, no strict project plan to follow
  • Minimal time needed for admin work or planning, allowing us to respond quickly to requests
  • Perfect for unpredictable or ad-hoc requests

Nonprofit and agency discounts

We offer a 20% discount to nonprofits and agency partners on all our web development, marketing, and support work except maintenance plan fees.

We’re on a quest to end web-induced stress

Join the hundreds of clients who have trusted us to execute their digital marketing, build a custom portal or software solution, and act as their internal web development team.

Website maintenance plans

Maintenance Plan


With a maintenance plan, you can stop worrying about bugs, plugin updates, and security issues. Our maintenance plan covers:

  • Security essentials
  • CMS, plugin and platform updates
  • Health checks & troubleshooting
*Note that hosting is handled as a third-party cost that will be paid, owned and controlled by you. We’ll simply maintain the website on your host platform. We can offer recommendations, make changes and do the related technical work.

Why choose a maintenance plan?

  • Ensure your security patches, SSL certificate, domain name, plugins and platform updates are updated regularly
  • Benefit from our tried and tested best practices for website security and spam reduction
  • Monitor and improve the overall health of your site with our experts verifications and recommendations
  • Consult with us any time if you have questions or additional support requests

Maintenance Plan Onboarding and Add-Ons

If we built your website from scratch, onboarding fees are waived. Otherwise, there is a one time $299 onboarding fee for websites we inherit.

In addition to our baseline maintenance plans above, your website may require add-ons for specialized features. These are sometimes optional but are more often required and prescriptive. 

Billing and Cancellations

For maintenance plans, we require first and last month's payment up front, but prefer an annual payment. You may cancel your plan at any time. Upon cancellation we will hand over control of all your website and all assets such as domain name, third-party accounts, database, or files. You may also upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime with 30 days notice.

Frequently asked questions

1Do you charge an onboarding fee?
If you already have a website and want us to take over the maintenance of it, we need to charge a fee of $299 to migrate your site over to our server and ensure it has our all our U7 security features and best practices applied to it so that we can ensure it's security and properly maintain it going forward.
2Do you charge more for custom or complex websites?
Yes, if your site has custom website software built into it or has advanced plugins or integrations that require more effort on our part to manage, we will need to increase the monthly amount proportionately to the complexity. We have many clients in this situation. Contact us to inquire and we'll be happy to provide a customized quote for you.
3What platforms do you support?
We currently support the following platforms: WordPress and Drupal. If you have a website on a different platform and are interested in our services, please contact us and we'll see if we are able to take it on.
4If my website was built with Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or another SAAS platform, will you still help me?
Yes, if your needs are not being met, we can convert your website over to WordPress or Drupal. Contact us if that is the case.
5Does your maintenance plan include hosting?
Hosting fees are handled as a third-party cost that will be paid, owned and controlled by you. We’ll simply maintain the website on your host platform. We can offer recommendations, make changes and do the related technical work. The maintenance plan is focused on covering necessities that aren't hosting related: security essentials, CMS, plugin and platform updates, health checks & troubleshooting.

Thinking about working with us or purchasing a maintenance plan for your website?

Don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through it! Book a virtual meeting or fill out our contact form and our Marketing Manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

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