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Project Summary

ADGA needed a re-design and re-launch of the website with their new brand direction, one that spoke more to the personality and family-heritage of the business. Additionally, the site had to be fully bilingual, easy to update, have a dynamic slider on the homepage, and required a built-in custom recruiting solution to allow them to post jobs and for applicants to create a profile and apply.

Solutions provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Web Design: work collaboratively with in house designers at ADGA on the branding, wireframes, and mockups
  2. Web Development: build a new website on Drupal because it's better suited to handle the customizations and we were able to leverage an existing Drupal-based recruiting solution by integrating it and customizing it to ADGA's desired user experience, functionality needs, and brand.
  3. Ensure the job opportunities page offers a faceted-search system where users could narrow down the jobs based on filterable criteria.

Samples of our work

Results achieved

The new website helped reshape the company's image and better position them with their target audience. The new design and messaging was a huge improvement over the previous incarnation of the website.The recruiting software was highly successful at capturing job applications, gathering dozens of applicants per day. The client was able to sink their job opportunities with Indeed and the admin staff were able to log in to access all of the applicant profiles.

Other projects

Over the last 11 years, we have provided services to 256 client websites. Many clients bring their existing websites to us for help or bring us in for consulting services, but 125 of them were designed, built, and launched by us!

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