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About the Client

CCC Group of Companies offers a large range of service for the construction service industry. They have completed numerous projects including works for architects, civil engineers, private interests as well as for cities and other governmental bodies. Project scopes of work have ranged in size from a few core/bore holes to extensive explorations for highways, bridges and multi-story structures, etc.

The Challenge

CCC group of companies had four separate divisions with inconsistent logos and branding, social platforms, and websites. They wanted to merge all the information for their four divisions under one brand name, one website, one social media account, and have consistent branding and logos. In addition to this work, they needed a strategic social media plan with ongoing social media management services.

The Solutions Provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Logo Design: redesign their logos
  2. Content Marketing: research and write web copy for all divisions of their company
  3. Web Design: create wireframes and provide theming recommendations
  4. Web Development: apply theme and custom coding to build Wordpress site
  5. Social Media Management: clean their social media accounts and provide a strategy and ongoing management plan

Social Media Management

Content Calendar

We plan each month of content one month ahead of time and schedule posts out through Hoot-suite. We review the content, make editing proposals, choose hashtags, choose the appropriate platforms for distribution, and hashtags.

Performance Reports

Each month we provide performance reports that provide insight on how our efforts are doing based on competitors we've identified and our own targets. 

The Results

All divisions have consistent branding, which helps with their brand recognition. The CCC website is modern, informative, and offers a good user-experience. Their social media accounts are now easier to manage, and are kept up to date with management services. This allows the CCC brand to stay top of mind within the community.
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