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Demo Plus

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About the Client

Demo Plus offers customers creative solutions for their decommissioning, demolition, and redevelopment initiatives by continuously developing cutting-edge solutions for specific project challenges.

The Challenge

The client needed help with a variety of marketing efforts, such as logo creation, email signatures, business cards, and online advertising.

The Solutions Provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Online advertising: helped the client set up a Linked In advertising campaign in order to reach their target audience of engineering firms in Ottawa
  2. Logo creation: researched and created a new clean and modern logo for the client to use on their website and other assets such as images, trade show posters, company trucks, etc.
  3. Email signatures: designed a company-wide email signature for all employees and helped their IT department set it up on Gmail
  4. Business cards: designed a company-wide email signature and produced business cards for all employees, as well as any new employees that join the team on an ongoing basis

The Results

The client now has a variety of marketing assets that will help increase brand recognition for the company, both on and offline.
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