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Project Summary

The client needed help creating a custom member login, where orders can be placed on a daily basis. In addition to this, they wanted their web pages to be easier to modify with the smart use of dynamic pages (as opposed to static pages).

Solutions provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Portal: built a member portal to provide users with the ability to login through a member-only menu
  2. Website Development: improved website security and created dynamic pages so that the client could easily make product updates themselves, all in one place

Samples of our work

Results achieved

By building onto their existing website as opposed to a full rebuild, we were able to focus on developing the customer order template system. We ended up launching their website after three months of work.

Other projects

Over the last 11 years, we have provided services to 256 client websites. Many clients bring their existing websites to us for help or bring us in for consulting services, but 125 of them were designed, built, and launched by us!

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