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Jaiko Cleaning Services

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About the Client

Jaiko Cleaning Services is a a local cleaning company committed to providing an all-inclusive cleaning service at competitive rates. Their team specializes in both residential and commercial cleaning in the Metropolitan Ottawa area.

The Challenge

Konrad wanted to give Jaiko's homepage and some site-wide features a facelift. The website was using orange fonts and outdated design elements. The client also wanted to improve their ranking with Google's search results (SEO).

The Solutions Provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Web development: rebuild the client's homepage, and updated the website theme to match accordingly
  2. SEO research: determine the right keywords to improve the client's SEO
  3. SEO copywriting: modify the webpage content and metadata with high-performing keywords relating to the cleaning service industry
  4. Email marketing: created an email marketing strategy to encourage customers to sign up for Jaiko's newsletter and content to follow up with

The Results

Jaiko Cleaning Services now has a fresh homepage and on-brand website. They have an engaging newsletter opt-in providing an extra incentive to gain email subscribers, and a strategy with content ideas for their email marketing.
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