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webb noonan on site of the ottawa light rail construction site

Project Summary

The client needed a one-page website to showcase their services, as well as a blog to share important company updates and informative articles.

Solutions provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Web Design: created wireframes and mockups for the website
  2. Web Development: built a one-page Wordpress website and a blog
  3. Content Training: training the client on how to manage their blog and content

Samples of our work

  • webb noonan services
  • webb noonan blog

Results achieved

Webb Noonan now has a modernized website to showcase their services, and they've recieved training in order to update/maintain their blog to stay in touch with customers and clients.

Other projects

Over the last 11 years, we have provided services to 256 client websites. Many clients bring their existing websites to us for help or bring us in for consulting services, but 125 of them were designed, built, and launched by us!

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