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Project Summary

Loch Gallery is family owned and operated art gallery since 1972. They specialize in Canadian and European historical works of significance and established contemporary artists with an emphasis on paintings and sculptures. The client wanted to organize their artwork and artists in a central, secure, online content management system.

Solutions provided

U7 created a content management system with Drupal 6 several years ago that would accommodate unique uploading requirements and functionality. It also serves as their customer relationship management (CRM) platform and invoicing system.
Currently, we are rebuilding their website with a Gatsby front-end, which will allow for maximum speed efficiency. We’re also migrating the portal to Drupal 8 and completely redesigning the website.
Services included:
•     Wireframes and mockups to design and style the site
•     Custom content types for artists, artwork, exhibitions, contacts, locations, invoices
•     Many administrative views to manage data
•     Dynamic PDF generation of invoices from website data
•     Dynamic landing pages with content lists built on views
•     Secure role-based access portal for staff and members
•     Contact management and communications logging system for CRM

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