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We understand that hiring an agency to take on your digital marketing, build you a website or create a custom portal is a serious investment. That’s why we aim to be 100% transparent with our pricing, and provide high value at competitive, affordable rates for our clients.

We also offer a worry-free maintenance plan for finished websites.

Our pricing solutions

Quoted work

Quoted rate: $135/hour
Nonprofit/partner rate: $108/hour

This rate is used for projects where the work is clear and/or you need to work within a specific budget. The scope, deliverables, timeline, and payment plan are discussed and agreed on before any work begins.

Quoted work benefits

  • Agreed upon costs with no surprises
  • Flexible payments in a set number of installments
  • Detailed quote and project plan that you have reviewed, discussed with us, and approved

Hourly work

Hourly rate: $100/hour
Nonprofit/partner rate: $80/hour

Charging at an hourly rate allows for flexibility when a scope of work is unclear or when an issue needs to be investigated. We charge only for the time actually spent to complete the work needed.

Hourly work benefits

  • Pay only for the actual time spent
  • Flexible arrangement that allows us to pivot easily, with no strict scope to follow
  • Perfect for unpredictable, hard to quote or urgent requests
  • When appropriate, a project plan with rough estimates for the work can be provided

Nonprofit and agency discounts

We offer a 20% discount on our hourly rates for nonprofits and agency partners on all our work. This includes quoted projects, our hourly rate, and maintenance plans.

Keep your website healthy with a U7 maintenance plan

Say goodbye to web-induced stress! Let our experts make sure your site is running smoothly while you focus on what matters most – your mission.

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