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Advertisement design

Need a graphics designer to help you put together an online or print advertisement? We have experienced graphics designers that can design you a flyer, handout, banner, postcard, poster, social media banner, slide for your website slider, and more.

Business card design

We will gather your input, current logo files/colors, and contact information for the style of the business cards, create 2 or 3 layout options (drafts) for you to review and choose from, and then solidify the chosen option to produce the business card files you need to send to a printer. We can also recommend a printer (online or local) based on your paper quality/thickness preferences.

Consulting services

Jayson Peltzer is a business leader and industry expert with over 20 years in solving information management problems with web application technologies. Jayson founded U7 SOLUTIONS in 2007, is a co-­founder of 4 other businesses, and has over 15 years of business experience, working with over 200 companies. Tap into his brain for some consulting and get ready to move your business forward.

Custom Analytics

Knowing how your website is performing and where your leads and visitors are coming from is critical to being in control of your business sales. We can set up a custom dashboard to track the goals and key metrics that help you better run your business. We'll update your dashboard for you and put the information you need at your fingertips each month.

Document management

Is your team struggling with documents? We can set you up on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or other platform with an organized folder system for easy permission and sharing management, automatic synchronization of your files across your computers and devices, as well as improved collaboration.

Email Signatures

Get your very own customized email signature block! We'll build it and help you to insert it into your own email client and make sure that the images work as expected. We will match the social media icon colors to your brand, use your image and your info, and even tweak the design to your liking! We support Google, Outlook, and MacMail.

E-mail Support

Need help with your e-mail system? We can help you troubleshoot issues, add/remove accounts, reset passwords, migrate emails from old accounts on a pay-as-you-go basis where we track our time by the minute.

Fax template

When you send a fax, it's important to make sure that it gets to the correct recipient. We tailor a template page for you with your logo and business contact details with room for you to fill in the To, From, Subject, Message, Number of pages, and Date information on it.

Gift certificate template

Ever wanted to sell gift certificates for your products and services online? We can help get you all set up by creating a template with your branding on it, creating PayPal buttons for you, and publishing it all on a gift certificate page on your U7 website! We'll then walk you through it all hand everything over to you so you can make changes and adjustments as you need.

Google My Business

Make sure you are listed in the internet's most important business directory. Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they're looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+. This is essential to get your site to appear in Google when people search for your business! We'll gather all the essential information from you and set everything up.

G Suite

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) provides your business with professional email accounts @your-domain managed through Gmail (Google Mail), a calendar system with sharing capabilities (Google Calendar), document management with live collaboration (Google Drive), instant messaging for real time chat (Hangouts Chat), and more.

IT Help

Got trouble with a printer or a desktop computer or a mobile device at your office? Need help with software or anti-virus? We can help with your office IT needs.

Letterhead template

We will use your logo and input/info to set up a Word-based letterhead document that you can use as a template for all your documents going forward. We will set it up with a header and footer with the info you want at the right places, including page numbering if you want.

Logo Design

Does your business need an identity or a face lift? Our professional graphics designers can design a logo that helps you stand out from the crowd and deliver a logo package with all the files and formats you need for your digital and print marketing needs.

Survey to your Clients

It’s important to engage with your clients and ask their opinion about your business, a service, an event, or product. Let us prepare a survey on your website that you can distribute to your clients to engage and collect useful information.

Switch your Website to HTTPS

You may have heard that Google gives priority to websites that are "secure" using the HTTPS protocol over those who are not. We can enable and activate HTTPS for your website.

Toll-free phone number

There are many services out there such as eVoice that provide toll free 1-800 or 1-888 phone numbers. We reserve you a number, configure your voice mail greetings, and set up call routing hours and redirects such as "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support".


Let us write a template and give you instructions on how to gather powerful testimonials for your website, google, and social media.

Website Assessment

The demands and pressures on websites today are greater than ever. If you're not fully aware of the best practices and are unclear as to how your website measures up, then this assessment is for you! Let us conduct a website assessment using 30 best practices to measure your website.

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