Client support examples

We’re here to help! Whether you need technical help OR content publishing advice our friendly expert webmasters can assist you. As part of our website management plans, support requests can be requested via e-mail using our online contact form or by logging into our client portal. Each email request triggers a support ticket and ensures your request gets looked at promptly and is tracked and managed properly. Emailing a member of our team directly for support is not recommended. Telephone support is available as well.

We believe in clarity, openness, and transparency. We do our best to understand your perspective and to keep you informed and in control. If your request falls into our support plan, we’ll get it sorted for you as soon as possible. If we’re not sure, we’ll request an investigation window and go from there. If your request falls into the “new business” category, that would result in a billable amount, we’ll tell you ahead of time and you’ll be able to decide if we should proceed or not.

Examples of support requests you can make with our website management plans

  • Help me login
  • Reset my password
  • Update my contact info with U7
  • There might be a problem with my website
  • How to best use the functionality available to me on my website
  • Simple and quick configuration changes that are needed to provide you with a reasonable expected user experience
  • Request for any shareable client files we have in our G Drive, such as logo images or other
  • Getting access to your Google Analytics, Mailjet, or AddThis profiles
  • Protecting a webform from spambots with reCAPTCHA
  • Request a backup of the site
  • Ask to speak with our web strategist about a current web technology challenge you may be facing

Not sure about your request OR want to make improvements to your website?

We are here to help. Don’t be shy, please contact us to discuss any request you are not sure of or to share with us what you’d like to improve and we’ll work out a plan for you and provide a quote for the work. If there are changes you can make yourself, we’ll guide you through the steps as part of our support plan. If you’re request is indeed part of the monthly website management service plan, we’ll let you know and take care of it for you!

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