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What you don't know about hosting companies...

Most web hosting companies take into consideration two main things when they offer hosting plans: the amount of disk space and bandwidth you need.

Quickly explained,

  • Disk space depends on the content of the website
  • Bandwidth depends on the expected amount of traffic

Factors that can affect the bandwidth and disk space are the average page size, the number of pages on your website, and the number of daily page loads.


OK, now why do I need a maintenance plan?


Because a maintenance plan handles IMPORTANT web 'maintenance' practices that hosting plans don't.

For example, web servers are notoriously bad for handling emails sent through your website and many businesses who don’t have an email relay setup are likely missing sales leads or customer requests because of it. This is not typically part of a hosting plan.

Along with...

  • Domain name registration and renewals
  • Security management practices
  • Spam protection
  • HTTPS SSL certificate

...and more awesome things like check-ins with REAL PEOPLE!

Yes, we are a local company that doesn't take the human element out of web.

Here's a story for you... One scenario happened to me a while back when a very prominent organization in the security space was featured on the national post, and they were reporting that their website was plastered with Viagra ads. They called me in, and I spent a couple of days to fix it all up. I discovered they weren’t applying their security patches on the web server, and the site had indeed been hacked. It was a really big job to repair, and this security organization sort of had a pie in the face because of this incident.

"They were reporting that their website was plastered with Viagra ads."

The bottom line is over time hackers discover back doors, and these are called vulnerabilities. When WordPress or other platforms discover solutions to these vulnerabilities, they issue security patches. So if you’re running a site, you need to apply these patches; otherwise, if you don’t, hackers come up with strategies to take advantage of these back doors. It’s a common practice in certain industries for companies to pay hackers to post links to their Viagra websites in order to create backlinks and increase their SEO (search engine optimization) so they can sell more product by putting links on regular websites, and it could be your website!

If you made it all the way here... you know what to do.

Maintenance Plans

There's more to running a website than just hosting.

We require first and last month's payment up front. Cancel anytime. Upon cancellation we will hand over control of all yours assets such as domain name, third-party accounts, website, database, or files. Upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime with 30 days notice.

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