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Website Hosting & Maintenance

There's more to running a website than just hosting.

Your website must ''live'' somewhere, meaning, there is a computer out there that stores the data and information for your website. Hosting is a must for any website owner, but there's more that needs to be done for your website, and this is why we created a maintenance plan.

What is a website maintenance plan?

A website maintenance plan handles all of the necessary MANUAL updates that need to be made to your website, and offers client support for content changes or technical questions.


What’s included in a website maintenance plan?

What platforms are supported?

These plans tailored for websites built on WordPress and Drupal, but we can tailor a custom plan for any platform.

Using another technology? See the list of technologies we support.

Website maintenance plans

Because there's more to running a website than just hosting.

A one-time setup fee of $299+tax is required to migrate your website and apply our security and CMS best practices.

Pay up front for your first 12 months, and we'll waive the setup fee.

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Website maintenance options

Additional options for more complex websites. Some of these may be required based on your website's features.



Keep it in Canada

Your website has a legal requirement to keep all it's data and assets hosted on Canada soil.



It's bigger than you.

Your website has a built-in portal for either an employee intranet, custom staff capabilities, or a membership system.



Blazing fast performance!

Your website has a serverless static-based front-end producing fast load times and improved user engagement.



Money is on the line

Your website handles online payments through a third-party payment gateway.



Lots of emails sent

Your website sents a large volume of emails and you need a premium plan for your email relay service.



Multiple sites in one

Your website is actually more than one website where they share data but have multiple separate online identities.



Donor management

Your website is using CiviCRM for constituency relationship management.



Integrated newsletter

Your website has it's own newsletter system built-in allowing you to dynamically push your content out to your subscribers.



You're running the show

Your website has our custom built-in movie cinema manager tools that allow you publish your movies and showtimes in dyanmic lists and a calendar and to sell advanced tickets.



Art Gallery Management

Your website has our custom built-in art gallery manager tools that allow you publish your artists, artwork, and exhibitions across multiple galleries, manage your contacts and CRM, as well as generate PDF invoices.


$+5starting at

You need more capacity

Your website gets a lot of visits and/or uses a lot of disk space. We can incrementally add more disk space at $5/GB or more bandwidth at $5/20GB.

Get your maintenance plan!

We require first and last month's payment up front. Cancel anytime. Upon cancellation we will hand over control of all yours assets such as domain name, third-party accounts, website, database, or files. Upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime with 30 days notice.

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