Client support

We’re here to help! We understand that making updates to your website can be challenging as you likely don’t do it everyday. Whether you need a little hand-holding or guidance, our friendly experts are here to assist you.

How to submit a request

As part of your website maintenance plan, support requests can be submitted via email using our online contact form or by logging into our client portal. Each new email thread triggers the automatic creation a support activity to ensure your request gets looked at promptly and is properly managed. Emailing a member of our team directly for support is not recommended, but you can cc them in the discussion. Telephone support is available for urgent situations.

Hours of operation

We are monitoring our support inbox from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. Off-hours support can be provided for urgent situations, please contact us by telephone if that is the case.

Examples of what’s included in client support

If there are changes you can make yourself, we’ll guide you through the steps as part of our support plan. If your request is indeed part of the website maintenance plan, we’ll let you know and take care of it for you as soon as possible. Here is a list of example requests that ARE included:

  • Help me log in to my website or the U7 portal
  • Reset my password
  • Update my contact or billing info with U7
  • Discuss or review an invoice
  • Help on how to use the website functionality available to you
  • Simple and quick configuration changes that are needed to provide you with a reasonable expected user experience
  • Access to any of your files we have such as logo images or other
  • Request a backup of your website
  • Getting access to third-party tools we set up such Google My Business, Google Analytics, email relay, or other
  • Assistance with Spam-related issues on web forms
  • Request a change to a domain name (DNS) record, as long as we have access to your registrar
  • Ask to speak to an expert about a current web technology or marketing challenge you may be facing
  • Report a possible bug or problem with the website (see How investigations work below)

Not sure about your request?

Just ask. If there might be a problem with your website OR you want to discuss possible changes or improvements to your website, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Your maintenance and support plan is there for that. All requests will go through our triage process where we first determine if your request is covered in our support plan or requires an investigation. If we feel it might be a change request and might require a quote, we’ll redirect you to the right person. We will never invoice you for asking questions.

How investigations work

Items requiring investigation are addressed promptly with the understanding that we will spend up to 1 hour troubleshooting the issue. If the issue was caused by us, no invoice will be sent. If we resolve it in less time, we will invoice for actual time tracked by the minute at our agreed hourly rate. If we need more time to fully resolve the issue, we will provide a quote for you to review and approve.

Examples of items we typically conduct investigations for:

  • A possible bug
  • Browser showing not secure warning
  • Can’t find my website in Google
  • Disk space limit reached
  • Email issue
  • Error message being displayed
  • Hacking or Phishing attempt
  • Notification from Google or third-party
  • Your users cannot do something (asking us to provide support for your users)
  • Page not loading fast enough or at all
  • White screen of death (WSOD)

Unanticipated impacts of updates: Please note that since your website is running on an open source content management system (CMS) that uses plugins. We do not have control over what plugin/module developers do. When we update your website and it’s plugins/modules, we are upgrading it to new code that we did not write. Conflicts between plugins/modules or even between versions of the CMS or it’s theme can occur. As part of our maintenance plan, we do these updates offline first and test, but any issues caused by these updates will require billable time to troubleshoot and resolve.

Your success is our success

We believe in clarity, openness, and transparency. We do our best to understand your perspective and to keep you informed and in control. Our success depends on your success. We see the relationship we have with you as a partnership that relies on mutual trust, and you have our commitment that we will do our best to maintain that trust at all times.


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