FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you charge a set up fee?
If you already have a website and want us to take over the management of it, we need to charge a fee of $300 to migrate your site over to our server and ensure it has our all our U7 security features and best practices applied to it so that we can ensure it's security and properly maintain it going forward.
2Do you charge more for custom or complex websites?
Yes, if your site has custom website software built into it or has advanced plugins or integrations that require more effort on our part to manage, we will need to increase the monthly amount proportionately to the complexity. We have many clients in this situation. Contact us to inquire and we'll be happy to provide a customized quote for you.
3What platforms do you support?
We currently support the following platforms: WordPress and Drupal. If you have a website on a different platform and are interested in our services, please contact us and we'll see if we are able to take it on.
4What does "Never miss an e-mail" mean?
This means that we will ensure that all e-mails sent FROM your website through your contact forms, web forms, or any other means will all funnel through an e-mail relay service to ensure maximum deliverability and to track each e-mail, instead of relying on the web server to deliver emails. Web servers are notoriously bad for handling e-mails sent through your website and many businesses who don't have an e-mail relay set up are likely missing sales leads or customer requests because of it. We make sure you never miss an e-mail.
5If my website is built on Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix, can you still help me?
Yes, if your needs are not being met, we can convert your website over to WordPress or Drupal. Contact us if that is the case.
6Are there any limits to the usage of the hosting?
Yes, our standard hosting covers up to 2GB of disk space and up to 20GB of bandwidth. Additional disk space can be purchased as $10 per additional 1 GB, and additional bandwidth can be purchased at $10 per additional 10 GB. Your monthly website performance report tracks your usage.
7How far back do your nightly backups go?
Each night, we automatically backup your website files and database to a remote offsite server. This means we can revert back to a previous version in case an unrepairable situation occurs for any reason for up to 15 days.
8What's included in the monthly CMS & plugin updates
Depending on your content management system (CMS), there are frequent updates that need to be applied to maintain security levels and improve functionality. Add-ons, often called plugins or modules, also have frequent updates that need to be applied. We take care of all of that for you to make sure your website is always up-to-date with current technology. Above and beyond that, we regularly roll out bug fixes and improvements to your website to make sure your website is keeps up with the latest best practices and versions of our standard feature set.
9What's included in the security management?
On a monthly basis, we look for security patch releases for your CMS and add-ons and apply them to ensure your site is always secure. We also do a review of the current security levels and protection in place to ensure your site is configured properly and is clean and secure. If we discover that your site has been infected or hacked due to gaps in our security model, we'll fix it and secure it at our cost!

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