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Website Design

Website design that's focused on the user.

Having an attractive and well-designed website for your business or organization creates an opportunity to meet and even exceed your user's desires and needs.

What is Website Design?

Website design is not just the style of the buttons, or the font type and size, it's how you make the user feel. Users should feel that they are being guided through an enjoyable experience. Are they capable of finding the information they need quickly or efficiently? Are the text and visuals adding to their experience or hindering it? Is the interaction intuitive and easy to navigate?

In addition to the user, good website design should consider your own organizational goals. Are you driving users to the right place to increase your conversions? Are you allowing them to easily move through your funnel by offering strategic placements of buttons and call-to-actions (CTAs)?

Our website design process ensures that we keep the user and your organizational goals top of mind.


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What our clients are saying...

  • Our collaboration with U7 resulted in a website that is converting visitors for us at about 70%-80% (no joke). We run an immigration consultancy and if we can get prospects to our website they almost always become a client. The design of the site fits our strategy perfectly, which is to create an instantaneous personal connection with and establish the bona fides of the principal of our company, Renata Brum. I don't know if the site could be any better than it turned out and it is performing way, way beyond our expectations. I presume the savvy team at U7 will do the same stellar work for your business as they did for ours.
    Michael Rand
    Brum Immigration
  • Melanie Di Tullio
    Canadian Paint and Coatings Association
  • heather's headshot from nexus digital
    Thank you to U7 Solutions for partnering with us on the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime website by taking on the development of the website. The team at U7 architected a leading edge platform with WordPress on the back-end and Gatsty on the front-end. They were able to bring to life the new design and empower the client with an easy-to-use content admin experience. Looking forward to future collaboration!
    Heather Golding
    Nexus Digital

Our Work

U7 Solutions has provided services to hundreds of clients for their website and marketing needs. We have experience working with multiple industries, technologies, and online needs. Have a peak at our different projects to see how our team may be able to assist you with your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a wireframe?
A wireframe is a structural representation of a web page that outlines the content and how it is presented (slider, table, graphic). Our wireframes do not have any colour or imagery, everything is a placement to understand what we need. For example, a picture will be needed to the right of the text, and a table below that. This way we can map out the structure of the page and identify what assets need to be developed or sourced for the next stage (mockups).
2What is a mockup?
A mockup takes the structural representation of a webpage (wireframe) and adds all of the branding elements: exact copywriting, images, videos, colours, and fonts. The purpose is to design the exact display of the page before building it, which gives our clients the opportunity to provide feedback before we spend hours building it. It helps plan appropriately and avoid costly changes down the line. Plus, most developers do not have an interest in the design aspect and work best with direction to produce an aesthetically pleasing and marketing focused webpage.
3What if I don't like the end result?
We ensure that throughout the process you have the opportunity to review the content and direction. We will absolutely make changes to the wireframes or mockups before we get to the build.
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