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Website Development

We care about the front and back-end of your website.

Website development is about choosing the platforms, technologies, and coding language that will help you achieve your goals. Proper web development should enable you to keep up with the changing times, ensure easy usability, and facilitate future needs. 

What is Website Development?

Nowadays, web development is sort of the hidden ''what happens behind the scenes'' part of websites. With the rise in CMS (customer management systems) such as Wordpress, you can manage your website's content without even knowing where all the code or development is happening.

The job of a web developer is to understand the language(s) required for various platforms and tasks. Once they're given a design, they need to ensure the code will properly showcase the desired look & feel.

There's a lot of work that goes into customizing pages to fit a certain design and functionality. Plus, if you want speed and high performance, coding and development tweaks will go a long ways.


What's your website development process?

Prior to arriving at the website development process, we walk you through a research and website design phase. After that, there are three main website development phases: building, testing, and launching.
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We apply site-wide styling and functionality, plus page specific building. We ensure that any forms, features, tools, and translation capabilities are all built if requested. We can also apply SEO and accessibility measures to ensure an optimized and high performing website.

  • Build team debrief on client & design
  • Setup & tools
  • Web development
  • Page building
  • Forms & features
  • Translation


Functionality testing includes things like page loading, links, form submissions. Browser testing is done to ensure the compatibility with various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Performance tuning ensures a quick loading speed. Mobile optimizations ensure that the design and functionality performs on various sized devices (phones, Ipads, computers). The design verification is to ensure that the user experience, design and animations are exactly as expected. And lastly, we apply on-page SEO or desired pages.

  • Select maintenance plan
  • Functionality testing
  • Browser testing
  • Performance tuning
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Design verification
  • ON-page SEO
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Website Development


We will provide a demonstration and walkthrough of your new website if necessary and gather your feedback for any final required adjustments. We will then ensure the configuration of all the tools and elements needed for a live operational website (i.e. DNS changes, server configuration, GA setup, site indexing, reCAPTCHA).

  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Address email situation
  • Deployment plan
  • Go-LIVE + Start maintenance plan
  • Provide training
  • Post-launch activities

Interested in Website Development Services?

Our Work

U7 Solutions has provided services to hundreds of clients for their website and marketing needs. We have experience working with multiple industries, technologies, and online needs. Have a peak at our different projects to see how our team may be able to assist you with your goals.

What our clients are saying...

  • Our collaboration with U7 resulted in a website that is converting visitors for us at about 70%-80% (no joke). We run an immigration consultancy and if we can get prospects to our website they almost always become a client. The design of the site fits our strategy perfectly, which is to create an instantaneous personal connection with and establish the bona fides of the principal of our company, Renata Brum. I don't know if the site could be any better than it turned out and it is performing way, way beyond our expectations. I presume the savvy team at U7 will do the same stellar work for your business as they did for ours.
    Michael Rand
    Brum Immigration
  • Melanie Di Tullio
    Canadian Paint and Coatings Association
  • heather's headshot from nexus digital
    Thank you to U7 Solutions for partnering with us on the CHEO Dream of a Lifetime website by taking on the development of the website. The team at U7 architected a leading edge platform with WordPress on the back-end and Gatsty on the front-end. They were able to bring to life the new design and empower the client with an easy-to-use content admin experience. Looking forward to future collaboration!
    Heather Golding
    Nexus Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do you handle the design process?
Please take a look at our website design page for all the details on how we approach this side to creating a beautiful and functional website.
2How can I get a quote?
First we can hop on a discovery call to get to know you and your general project needs. From there, depending on the complexity of your project we may need one or more touch points before we can provide a specific quote.
3What if I don't like the end result?
We ensure that throughout the process you have the opportunity to review the content and direction. We will absolutely make changes to the wireframes or mockups before we get to the build phase. Therefore, there will be zero surprises once the website is built.

How can I get started?

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