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Best business blogging tips for people who hate writing

Hey, we get it. 

You’re thinking about blogging for your business, not because you LIKE blogging, but because you know there are numerous benefits to blogging for your business.

Bettering your SEO, having shareable content, and controlling your brand voice are just a few ways in which blogging pays off for many small and medium business owners online.  

Even though blogging for your business is often worth it, it’s not always easy…

…especially if you don’t like to write. 😣

But the good news is you don’t have to like writing to do it, or to be great at it. Even the most talented, professional writers sometimes don’t like writing. Consider it as part of the creative process!


Don’t let your imposter syndrome cost you to miss out on the best way to improve your organic reach on Google. Here are some of our suggestions for easy business blogging tips for people who hate writing.


Get inspired through visuals, books, or people you admire.

Great ideas don’t just pop out of nowhere! It starts with inspiration.💡

If you’re currently uninspired, this part may take the bulk of your time — but make sure you don’t skip this step! Depending on the blogging deadline you set for yourself, try a few of these action items you can do to spark some creativity: 

If you only have 10 minutes:

If you have a few hours:

  • Listen to a business podcast. Often when we listen in on other people’s conversations as a third party, we generate our own thoughts or add-ons to what they might have missed. Make sure you write down your observations!
  • Do some research on your topic of interest. You may learn something new that may inspire you.
  • Read a book. If you’re underthinking, read. When you overthink, start writing!

Once you’ve gotten inspired, you probably have a lot of things in your mind because you just spent some time-consuming content. It should have generated some ideas along the way. Write them all down, doesn’t matter if they suck! Write now, think later.


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

You’ve been an expert in your profession for so long now that you’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to not be. 

But your customers are not experts in your services or product, hence they’re looking for businesses like yours to help them out. 

When you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you can ensure that your blog resonates with their specific needs. If you find that you’re currently not attracting your ideal audience, decide on who your ideal audience is, and then curate your blog content directly towards their needs. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • What concerns or fears do they have? 
  • What factors influence their buying decisions? 
  • How can your service or product make their life easier?
  • What are some objections they may have about your product/services?

People stay loyal to a brand that they align with. By getting to know your customers, it gives you a clear direction on how to create content for them through your business blog and other social media platforms they engage with when considering your brand. Once you nail this part, let’s get to writing.


Tell it like a story to a friend, not an essay to a stranger 

The word ‘essay’ just makes me feel like:


Storytelling, on the other hand, is an art. The art of storytelling unites an idea with an emotion, which is what makes it such an effective formula to grab your audience’s attention and interest. Here’s what makes a good story, according to this article from HubSpot:

  • Entertaining: Good stories keep the reader engaged and interested in what’s coming next.
  • Educational: Good stories spark curiosity and add to the reader’s knowledge bank.
  • Universal: Good stories are relatable to all readers and tap into emotions and experiences that most people undergo.
  • Organized: Good stories follow a succinct organization that helps convey the core message and helps readers absorb it.
  • Memorable: Whether through inspiration, scandal, or humor, good stories stick in the reader’s mind.

In last month’s blog post, I touched on the benefits of using your business blog to explain your services to your ideal audience, as if speaking to them directly and giving them a reason to choose your company. Storytelling can help you articulate your “why” in a creative, engaging way. Plus, it’s storytelling is way more fun!


Hire someone to write for you

Even with all the tips on the internet to help you have fun while blogging, sometimes it’s less about “I don’t like doing it” and more about “I just don’t have the time to do it.”

This is the reality of blogging with an objective for your business: it takes a lot of weekly time commitment that many busy business owners don’t have. 

If that sounds more true to how you really feel, consider the reasons why you can’t afford to NOT outsource your marketing, including your blogging needs. As our Marketing Manager, Sara said, “Spending your precious time on something that would take a professional half the amount of hours is not doing you any favours.”

When you hire experts to write your blogs and help with other marketing needs, you get to skip all the grunt work and instead put that time into things you actually like to do.


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Whether you’re looking for blogging services to improve SEO or a more customized marketing strategy, U7 is excited and equipped to help you reach your business goals online. 

We have a team of experts specialized across different areas of marketing; whether it’s branding, content writing, analytics, or any other marketing need, we’re passionate about all we do for our clients. 

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Wendy Zhang
Wendy Zhang
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