5 Ways for your Golf Course Website to Stand Out
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5 Ways for your golf course website to stand out


The golf market is very competitive. If you’re in Canada or the U.S. you are usually within a short drive from a number of golf courses. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the many options available for golfers.

Here are 5 ideas on how to help your golf course stand out online.

1. Use a “hero” image

Does your course have a signature hole? Be sure to put the image that you want to define your golf course front and centre on your website. Make sure the picture is as epic as possible! The TPC Sawgrass website is a great example of a hero image done well. Their site features a shot of their iconic 17th hole.

2. Offer a drone tour

What better way is there to show off your holes than providing aerial footage of all of your the, from tee to green? The technology is becoming more readily available and it allows golfers the best preview possible of your course.

3. Run an email newsletter with value

Email lists are a valuable marketing tool. The best way to grow your email list is to make sure that the information is relevant to your marketing personas and to make sure your newsletter provides value. Encourage people to stay on your email list by offering exclusive deals or promotions in your newsletter. This will also help you fill tee times that would otherwise go unfilled.

Place your newsletter sign-up in a noticeable area on your website, preferably in the header, sidebar, or footer so that it’s on all pages and not just the home page.

4. Publish an event calendar

If you have a facility that can be repurposed for events in the evenings and on weekends, make sure that people know! By publishing your events and allowing people to sign up online, it eliminates the extra step of a prospect having to open up their email to contact you.

Offering events is a great way to generate extra revenue.

5. Use Chrongolf for online tee-time booking

Offering online booking is par for the course in the golf industry, but not all online booking systems are created equal. Chronogolf is a sleek online booking system than can easily be added to your website. We prefer it for its ease of use for both customers and business owners.

The software’s administration side is just as user-friendly as the front-end. Not only will your golfers will get a well-organized, easy, and visually appealing experience when booking their tee-times, your pro-shop staff will enjoy the same kind of experience on their end!

Putting it all together

Here’s a good example of what a city managed golf course in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada called Pineview did with their latest website redesign. You can see below that they’ve nailed down 4 out or our 5 recommendations:

If you work for a golf course and you’d like some or all of these features incorporated into your website, contact us! We can help you create the ultimate online experience for your customers by doing the above and much, much more!

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Jayson Peltzer
Jayson Peltzer
Jayson’s passion for web technology began in 1998 as a web developer. Logging over 30,000 hours of experience creating websites, he has gained significant industry expertise derived from 20 years of solving information management and web technology problems. Jayson's primary aim is to help people and businesses keep up with and master the fast-pace ever-changing technical world we live in. He believes that in IT, we should never take the human element out of the equation.
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