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Website management plans: going beyond hosting


The first thing you’re told when you want to have a website is that you need to pay for a hosting plan. But what does it mean and what should you look for?

What is web hosting?  

Although websites seem completely virtual, the information and files of data it requires to function need to be stored somewhere. An actual physical place that is connected directly to the internet. This physical place is a computer. But not your everyday computer. It’s a high powered computer called a Web Server, which is basically a more powerful and noisy hunk of metal and wires. Typically no individual person would want to own a web server because it’s expensive, technically challenging, and noisy. That being said, servers usually live in a big room with many other servers, called a data center, that is owned by a hosting company. A hosting company leases the space within servers to other companies or individuals.

7 Reasons you should go beyond just hosting

Web hosting companies take into consideration two main things when they offer hosting plans: the amount of disk space and bandwidth you need. Quickly explained, the disk space depends on the content of the website whereas the bandwidth depends on the expected amount of traffic. Typically, the more sophisticated and media rich the website, the more disk space and probably bandwidth will be needed. Factors that can affect the bandwidth and disk space are: the average page size, the number of pages on your website, and the number of daily page loads.

Now what could you need in addition to basic bandwidth and disk space? Turns out there are many additional factors that affect the functionality and efficiency of your website. Beyond typical hosting plans, are what we like to call MANAGEMENT plans. Management plans aren’t available with most hosting companies because it requires additional skill sets. Along with technical expertise to run and manage servers, it needs the input of web developers and strategists.

Here are 7 reasons why companies that offer management plans should be your new standard:


  1. Email Relay: making sure you never miss a sales lead. Web servers are notoriously bad for handling emails sent through your website and many businesses who don’t have an email relay setup are likely missing sales leads or customer requests because of it.


  1. Nightly backups: allowing you to revert back to a previous version in case an unrepairable situation occurs for any reason for up to 15 days. Each night, a backup of your website files and database are sent to a remote offsite server. Having these backups on hand is a true lifesaver!


  1. Important Updates to add-ons: many websites have plugins or modules that need frequent updates. If you don’t update them yourself and your hosting plan doesn’t either, your website’s technology can be out of date and various areas could be dysfunctional. Yikes!


  1. Security Management: we take full responsibility for the security of your website to ensure your website is safe and secure at all times by updating security patches as they are released, securing your forms with spam protection, and ensure all backdoors are blocked.


  1. Renewal of third-party tools: license fees, premium themes or plugins, domain renewals, privacy protection, caching services, are additional features that need to be updated and renewed frequently. If this isn’t being done by your hosting company, then you need to stay on top of it all yourself. If you don’t – your website could be unsecure or even go offline (if your domain expires).


  1. Analytics setup: every website owner should take advantage of google analytics to keep track of their website’s performance. One of the biggest mistake is not understanding what works and what doesn’t on your website. Hosting companies that have web developers can link the analytics to your website for you and even provide you with analytic updates.


  1. Client Support: having access to an array of professionals such as web developers, graphic designers, and digital strategists will simplify your communication channels to one place that knows your website’s needs and taste. Not only will your website be hosted, but if you have requests along the way for updates, modifications, or even a new design, they can help you get it done.


All things considered, your web management plan can and should offer more than just hosting.

Over the years we’ve realized that offering a management plan, is the only way to treat our clients.

For the month of February, we’re offering a deal on our starter management plan. Your commitment to a one year plan will get the $300 migration fee waved. All we need is first and last month’s rent – $120.

Check out our website management plans for all the pricing details and get in touch here to get started.

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Sara Gill
Sara Gill
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