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We help you thrive online.

We provide tailored solutions for non-profits and SMBs with a holistic, digital-first approach.

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Do you feel stuck in your business, or relate to these common roadblocks?

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Your website is outdated and not following today’s best practices
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You don’t have time to run your business and handle your website/marketing
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You’re frustrated with outdated software or offline tools

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Imagine instead, a time where…

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Your website is on brand, informational, and speaks to your ideal user
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Your marketing/website is handled by experts, at a budget you’re comfortable with
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You're saving time and energy by using customized digital tools

We see clients struggling with the same problems over and over again. While the issues tend to be universal, our solutions are anything but. Whether you need help with a portal, website, or online marketing – we’re your partner in identifying what works and most importantly, implementing solutions to remove the hurdles you’ve been facing.

We’ve provided over 400 clients with custom marketing plans and digital solutions tailored to their unique business.


Tell us about your project and goals!

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    Is your business getting overlooked in a sea of competitors online?

    Our team of experts will make you stand out from the crowd with strategic and thoughtful execution when it comes to:

    • Web + UX Design
    • Web Development
    • Custom Portals
    • Web Accessibility
    • E-commerce Stores
    • Web content + copywriting
    • Hosting + Web Support
    • Logos + Brand Identities
    • Brand Strategy + Guides
    • Paid Ads + SEO
    • Digital + Print Ads
    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Styling
    • Analytics + Performance Tracking
    • Email Marketing
    • Custom Design Templates

    Our promise...

    With U7 SOLUTIONS you get:

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    A team of experts that share a solution mindset, the ability to simplify complicated things, and a deep desire to genuinely help people.

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    Customized marketing plans and digital solutions catered to your specific business, industry, and budget – we build exactly what you need when no other out-of-the-box tool exists.

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    Three solutions, one provider. U7 is your go-to resource for digital marketing, websites, and custom portals.

    Reach your target audience and free up your valuable time by outsourcing your marketing work to a team of experts.

    No more co-ordinating with freelancers or trying to learn to do it all yourself! When you outsource your marketing, you can focus instead on what you do best: running your business.

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    1. Discovery Call

    We get to know you and start to build a personal relationship over a 30-60 minute video call. We’ll ask questions about your business, your struggles, and the potential services you’d like to receive. If you think we’re a good fit for you, we’ll move on to the next step.

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    2. Project Plan

    We use the info from our call (or calls) to create a tailored project plan with as many details as possible for your website, portal, or marketing needs. This is the step that differentiates us the most from other agencies, which often sell cookie-cutter solutions.

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    3. Quote

    Once the project plan is nailed and approved, we break down the associated costs in a very detailed manner. We show you the hours behind the work that we charge, not just one flat number like most competitors.

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    4. Kick-Off

    When the quote is approved and signed, we are ready to kick-off the project or start you on a monthly plan! You’ll be introduced to your team of experts who will bring your vision to life, and we’ll proceed with all the tasks outlined in the build plan/quote.

    We’ll provide the expertise you need to grow a profitable business online.


    Tell us about your project and goals!

    Book a virtual meeting or fill out our contact form and our Marketing Manager will get in touch with you!

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    Or request a callback

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