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Website Maintenance

There's more to running a website than just hosting.


Your website needs to ''live'' somewhere which means that there is a computer somewhere, called a host, that holds the data and files that make up your website. Hosting is necessary for any website owner, but there's a lot more that needs to be done for your website than simply host it. This is why we created a maintenance plan. A website maintenance plan handles the security of your site, all of the necessary updates that need to be made on a continuous basis, and offers assistance with technical support and guidance on functionality or content changes.

Why should you trust us with your website?

Sometimes, it's not always about price, but rather about trust. Although this is a technology service, it's a people-based service. Our efforts to host, update, and keep your website secure are done by our experts. We use automation where it makes sense, but always use our best judgement when working on client sites. We understand that your website is your business' online presence and is crucial to your operations and marketing. Ultimately, your success is our success.
Since 2007, we have serviced over 300 clients and have 8 active partnerships with marketing companies in the city who trust us as their internal web development team. We adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement and this holds true for all our services including monthly maintenance best practices. We pride ourselves in providing high value at affordable rates. Our pricing model is transparent and based on a flexible rating system based where price is determined according to level of expertise required for each job.
Beyond website hosting and maintenance, we specialize in website design, development, and marketing and can assist you and your team with any services that may be complementary to their efforts.

What’s included in your website maintenance plan?

What platforms are supported?

Our plans are tailored for websites built on WordPress and Drupal, but we can customize a plan for any website.

WordPress - Web Content Management Drupal - Web Content Management

Using another technology? See the list of technologies we support.

Website maintenance plan

Because there's more to running a website than just hosting.

If your organization is a non-profit, we offer you a discount of 20% off to help support your mission.

Looking for support? We offer both on-demand and pre-paid support. Top up your bank of hours at any time and benefit from additional discounted rates. We allow carryovers so your hours never expire.

All third-party fees for plugin licenses, hosting, domain names, and other costs are covered by you directly. We can help set up the billing up through our support plans.

A one-time setup fee of $299+tax is required to get access, familiarize ourselves with your site, create a dev site for maintenance, and apply our Security Essentials & CMS Must-Haves.

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Website maintenance add-ons

Some of these add-ons may be required based on your website's complexity.



Money is on the line

Your website handles online payments through a third-party payment gateway.



It's bigger than you

Your website has a built-in portal for either an employee intranet, custom staff capabilities, or a membership system.



Multiple sites in one

Your website is actually more than one website where they share data but have multiple separate online identities.



Time is of the essence

Your website pages need to load quickly. We verify load times, share results, and suggest improvements.

What our clients are saying...

  • Jayson and the team at U7 Solutions provide an essential service for our business. If we ever have an issue with our website, they are always at the ready to solve the problem in a timely manner. If we approach them with ideas for improvements, we can rely on them to listen closely to us and come up with creative solutions. As our website host, U7 Solutions provides us with a responsive, proactive and secure service, which we have utilized to grow our business.
    Princess Cinemas

Start your website maintenance plan today!

There's more to running a website than just hosting. Our experts will run the updates, take responsibility for the security of your website, and be there for you when you need support. Let us handle the technology while you focus on your core business. 

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