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Mallette Landscaping

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About the Client

Mallette Landscaping is a family owned landscape design and construction business operating out of the South of Ottawa. They combine decades of practical experience with creative landscape designs to produce high quality construction and client satisfaction.

The Challenge

Mark Mallette felt that his website was outdated, both when it comes to best web practices and his content and branding. He wanted to primarily ensure that all the content he wanted was on the website, and that he could learn to update the website himself.

The Solutions Provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Web Architecture: analyze available content thoroughly and develop a content architecture
  2. Content Marketing: review content copy and provide feedback
  3. Web Design: create wireframes and mockups to outline the structure and design
  4. Web Development: build the website according the finalized mockups
  5. Web Coaching: train the client on how to use his website and make future edits

The Results

Mallette Landscaping’s website was now up to date with the company’s most relevant content and design work. Mark felt capable of making his own updates and after his training, he worked independently on updating his site, and reaching out when needed.
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