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Project Summary

Bonnie, the dance school owner was seeking a website face-lift with a new architecture that allowed for a better user-experience, and modern styling. She was also looking for a functional portal that could process payments and allow for information to be shared with students. Lastly, she was looking for ongoing marketing support via social media management, paid ads, and email marketing.

Solutions provided

We provided the following solutions:
  1. Web Architecture: re-architect the layout and structure of the website
  2. Web Design: create wireframes and mockups
  3. Web Development: built Wordpress website
  4. Portal: create a portal with payment integration and information management capabilities
  5. Social Media Management: Create social media graphics, schedule content, and create advertising campaigns
  6. Email Marketing: draft and send newsletters

Samples of our work

Custom Portal

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Newsletter Content & Schedule

We prepare the content for regular newsletters to communicate important information to students and subscribers. 

Results achieved

Remix Dance Academy now enjoys a modern and consistent brand experience across all of their marketing and internal platforms. The school is able to seamlessly lead an experience through their external marketing site and portal to encourage registration and process payments. Students can expect regular newsletter communication and social media updates.

Other projects

Over the last 11 years, we have provided services to 256 client websites. Many clients bring their existing websites to us for help or bring us in for consulting services, but 125 of them were designed, built, and launched by us!

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