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Would you rather hunt for customers OR have them come to you?

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The day I knew SEO worked for me, was the day I got this email:

Cam’s need for web development services led him to make a Google search.

Email from a client finding U7 Solutions in search results

Since we optimized our portfolio pages on our website with specific keywords related to web development and design, Cam was able to find our company based on his search criteria.


He came to us, instead of us having to hunt for him.

An important take-away from this example is the notion that you can and should optimize more than just your website’s main pages. 

In our case, it was portfolio pages. But consider what might work for you and your industry. 


News articles

News articles not only allow you to keep customers informed on your business, but it’s also a great way to utilize different keywords related to your business. 


Blog posts 

Writing blog posts on your website helps enhance your website in a variety of ways. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to be a content expert and educate users on your business. It also allows you to fit more keywords within your website.

Maybe you have a garage makeover business like our friend Andy. He offers flooring services, so we helped him create a keyword-focused secondary service page about garage floor epoxy. 

This not only demonstrated Andy’s vast knowledge and expertise in garage floor epoxy, but it also allowed us to include keywords related to garage floor epoxy on his webpage, in hopes that he would potentially rank for keywords related to garage floor epoxy. 



If you’re in a creative industry where you can feature the work you do and write a summary of the project, this is a great opportunity to show off your work while potentially ranking for keywords both related to your own business and the business of your clients. 

Whether it’s blog posts, news articles, or portfolio pages, increasing your word-count and keyword density on your webpages is an effective way to improve SEO.

This tactic could lead to your own Cam, which ended up being a 65K project.

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Marina Thompson
Marina Thompson
Marina is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for storytelling! Through engaging copywriting and content creation, Marina helps our clients enhance their brand stories and digital presence. She is also well versed in UX, performance marketing, social media, email marketing, SEO, and paid ads.
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