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Loren Crawford Yoga

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Loren – Yoga

About the client

Loren is a certified yoga instructor and life coach in Ottawa. Before 2020, he was teaching in-person yoga classes at his studio. Because of the change in circumstances, Loren needed help with moving his services online and marketing to reach a wider audience, instead of just local.

Ongoing monthly services

•     Design changes to main pages on the website
•     Creating content strategy plan
•     Graphic creation for social media
•     Preparing photography briefs
•     Content planning & scheduling
•     Monitoring social media
•     Develop growth strategies & lead magnet campaigns

Results achieved

With U7’s help, Loren is able to continue teaching what he loves but in an online environment, and without worrying about the increasing demands of digital marketing. Our social media experts happily take care of everything he needs when it comes to content creation, social media management, marketing campaigns, growth, and other such efforts.

Samples of our work

  • Working with a marketing professional is something I would not have considered in the past Sara simply because I had a scarcity mindset - I couldn’t afford such a luxury. Rather, I spent bundles of money on a property that ultimately failed; I concocted a rebranding exercise a few years ago that also failed;  and I made many decisions about my yoga business that were - to be kind - growing pains. With a spark of inspiration - and a leap of faith - I’m happy to say that’s all shifted. I’m pleased with the results of the marketing investment I’m making in myself and my yoga business. I hope you are too Sara!
    Loren Crawford
    Loren Crawford Yoga

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U7 Solutions has provided services to hundreds of clients for their website and marketing needs. We have experience working with multiple industries, technologies, and online needs. Have a peak at our different projects to see how our team may be able to assist you with your goals!

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